Critical illness survivor spokesperson - Mandy Lam

Mandy Lam
Mandy Lam
I used to think that I would never have a critical illness. I thought they usually affected only those who lacked good living habits or whose family had a history of serious disease. I honestly think my lifestyle is healthy, I could never imagine I would suffer from a critical illness.

One night, when I went to bed, I felt a hard lump when I tried to roll over. I wondered if there was something wrong with my health, I booked a body check immediately. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in the end. I was very shocked and found it hard to believe. There was absolutely no sign of any critical illness before, so I never thought this would happen to me.

Some of the patients experience side effects when they receive chemotherapy or targeted therapy, I was no exception. I experienced hair loss, water retention and nails turning grey. A lot of critical illness patients are worried that the treatment process would be tough, and they would lose their beauty. Actually, all these only happen for a short time, time flies, but if you miss the best time to receive treatment, you will regret it for the rest of your life.
Mandy Lam
Why did you choose Vita Green Yunzhi Essence?
I remember when I first received the treatments, my body couldn’t take the side effects, and I felt weak and had water retention. At that time, a patient friend recommended me to take Yunzhi Essence, and told me it helped fight critical illnesses. I saw the significant results of taking Yunzhi Essence so I started to try it too. After taking it for 2 weeks, the water retention in my face gradually went away, and I slowly regained my energy too.

I hope those who are battling with critical illnesses can stay positive and not give up. You can take Yunzhi Essence like I do, to ease the discomfort of the treatments, and to boost your immune system. That way, you can feel full of energy to go to work, and to persue good health, well-being and a perfect life.

*Products' effects may vary for different persons, depending upon particular situations
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